Breakout Sessions

There will be 4 breakout sessions covering topics of significance to the district. Rotarians can choose to participate in the session which is of interest to them. Let your voices be heard and help to build a stronger district.

Each breakout session will be conducted by an experienced team of Moderator, Panelists, Resource Persons and Reporter. Do not miss the opportunity to get to know the focus of the district, pick up some new ideas and share your views.

Topic 1: District Strategic Matters
  • Do you know there is a Strategic Planning Committee in the district? This breakout group intends to inform Rotarians of some the committee’s work focus and receive your input while the district is mapping out its future direction.
  • It is a fundamental principle in Rotary that the best-qualified candidates should be selected for service in Rotary’s elective offices. This breakout group will also cover the district succession planning philosophy and approach in term of identifying, motivating and grooming potential future district leaders. Rotarians who have an aspiration to serve the district in this leadership position should not miss this opportunity to learn more about the district governor selection process and how they can better prepare themselves for this noble move.
  • Despite D3450 has been well recognized at the international level as an effective district, we have not yet been successful in bidding for a RI Convention to be hosted in the district. Should we continue to try or is there other option for us to pursue as alternative? What can we do more if we agree to give it another try when the next available opportunity arises?
Topic 2: Membership Growth
  • “We have a net gain in membership.” This is a statement made by the governors in the past few years. Our total membership number, however, is still hovering around the 2000 mark. Is it true that we have done our best in membership growth and retention? Do you have suggestions and ideas as to what more we can do? The district wants to hear them.
  • Two years after Guangdong has been given to D3450, what progress has been made in Rotary extension there? The district does have a plan and needs your assistance and input to make it work. This breakout session will explain the district vision and mission in this regard and would like to engage as many Rotarians in the district who have contact in the province to help accomplish the goal.
Topic 3: District Finance and Administration
  • Have you ever asked whether the district fund is being put into effective use? Are you aware of the district financial management policy and measures that have been put in place? Come and share your views and feedbacks as well as learn more about the best practice in financial management and stewardship over the district funds.
  • Leading the district is the responsibility of the District Governor, but he can only do it with the support of a team of district officers who are dedicated to share the governor’s workload and implement his work plan. What quality will the governor be looking to when selecting his district team? What support will be available in preparing the district team members who serve the district for the first time? Anyone who would like to serve the district at beyond club level should join this session and learn more about the authority and obligation as a district officer.
Topic 4: One Rotary Summit
  • As we are asking Rotarians too much to focus on growing Membership, enhancing Public Image and supporting The Rotary Foundation?
  • One Rotary Summit is a newly developed program offering a synergistic learning experience through participation in interactive case studies leveraging on tools and information in relation to Membership, Public Image and The Rotary Foundation.